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Add your voice to those demanding
Congress pass the American Music Fairness Act.


Add your voice to those demanding Congress pass the American Music Fairness Act.


The United States is the only democratic nation in the world that doesn’t compensate artists when their music is played on AM/FM radio. In fact, the United States is in the dubious company of North Korea and Iran in denying AM/FM performance royalties.

This injustice has denied hundreds of thousands of music artists - from top billboard stars to up-and-coming artists to backup singers and musicians - the income they deserve.

Corporate radio giants such as iHeartRadio are spending tens of millions of dollars and have hired an army of lobbyists to kill legislation so they can continue to profit off the backs of hardworking artists without paying them for their work.  

Congress can fix this problem by passing American Music Fairness Act which would require AM/FM radio to end this injustice and pay artists for their work.


The following creators have previously joined the fight to get artists paid for AM/FM radio plays. We urge you to join these artists in the fight for fair compensation for artists by supporting the American Music Fairness Act.

  • Common

  • The Roots

  • Dionne Warwick

  • Jack White

  • Blake Morgan

  • Elvis Costello

  • David Byrne

  • Four Tops

  • Temptations

  • Estate of Mary Wilson (of
    The Supremes)

  • Randy Travis

  • Roseanne Cash

  • Becky G

  • Julia Michaels

  • Nile Rodgers

  • They Might Be Giants

  • OK Go

  • Aimee Mann

  • Matthew Montfort

  • Maggie Vail

  • Willie Nile

  • David Pack

  • Lizz Wright

  • The Stone Foxes

  • The RTs

  • Satellite Mode

  • Mark Charles

  • Aleks Syntek

  • Los Rabanes

  • El Gran Silencio

  • Inspector

  • Jenny & The Mexicats

  • Kemo The Blaxican

  • Mac McCaughan (of

  • Jimi Haha (of Jimmie's
    Chicken Shack)

  • Samuray

  • Suzanne Vega

  • The Whites

  • Ricky Skaggs

  • Merck Mercuriadis

  • Kevin Bacon

  • Cyndi Lauper

  • Gloria Estefan


  • Peter Frampton

  • Jackson Browne

  • Sammy Hagar

  • Pat Benatar

  • Sheila E

  • Dan Aykroyd

  • Deana Carter

  • Rick Springfield

  • Sam Moore

  • Indigo Girls

  • Kevin Cronin

  • Chris Difford

  • Jon Secada

  • BeBe Winans

  • Ricky Minor

  • Neil Girardo

  • Indigo De Souza

  • Laura Ballance

  • Ryan Hemsworth

  • Emilio Castillo

  • Caroline Rose

  • The Faint

  • Josh Norek

  • Kevin Duquette

  • Daniel Cast

  • Lenora Zenzalai Helm

  • Cyrille-Aimée Daudel

  • John Ferraiolo

  • Alexandra Levy

  • Reed Watson

  • Jake Bellows

  • James Guttman

  • Jonatha Brooke

  • lespecial

  • King Lyte

  • Meg Duffy

  • Benny Turner

  • Jennifer "Lil' Red" MIlligan

  • Rob Stone

  • April N Smith

  • Mike Guldin

  • William A Jones

  • Leo Flynn

  • Mark “Kaz” Kazanoff

  • Gregg "MacDaddy" Martinez

  • Eric Johanson

  • Laura Tate

  • Equasta White

  • Tiffany Pollack

  • Miss Bix

  • Veronica Swift

  • Kathy Murray

  • Darrell Garrett

  • Oly.Lo

  • Joe Vannelli

  • Kristyn Coster

  • KJ Carter

  • Kevin Ray

About The American Music Fairness Act

The American Music Fairness Act is rooted in fairness:

  • Artists would get paid for AM/FM radio plays in the same way they are paid when their music is played on streaming services. Currently, AM/FM stations are the only media that do not compensate artists for their music.
  • Small and local broadcasters would be protected by asking them to pay less than $2 per day ($500 annually) for the right to play unlimited music. And public, college, and other noncommercial stations would pay just $10 a year.
about the music fairness act


Artists and other creators would finally get paid for their work when their music is played on AM/FM radio. Over the last century radio broadcasters have made an estimated $700 billion in ad revenues from the music they played – without giving a penny of that money to the artists who performed the songs. Most artists are middle-class hard-working people who struggle to pay bills and provide for their family. If that sounds like you, join the fight today to get artists paid for their work.


Small Broadcasters

Community and other small broadcasters are champions of local music artists. Unlike the corporate radio giants such as iHeartRadio, they are in touch with their communities. The American Music Fairness Act would cap what small broadcasters would have to pay for the music they play to $500 or less a year. By doing so, it gives these local broadcasters certainty about their future costs. Local broadcasters and artists are in this fight together – that’s why the National Federation of Community Broadcasters supports the American Music Fairness Act.



Music Lovers

Music artists are our family, our friends, and our neighbors. We support them by showing up for their gigs and buying their music – now is time to make your voice heard so they finally get the respect they deserve and get paid for their work. You can do that by joining the fight to get the American Music Fairness Act passed.



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Add your voice to end the injustice of artists not getting paid when their music is played on AM/FM radio.

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